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walking the distance

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5th August 2010

5:24am: Still breathing.
Work is good, if not meaningful, or exciting. Still being employed in this economy is definitely a plus, and I see some job security at the moment, if not room to move up.

Other than that, my life is pretty unexciting. Oh! Anyone have any tricks for unlocking lever based locks on antique rolltop desks? Because mine now has locked drawers, and the only way I know to open it back up at this point involves clearing it off and disassembling the damn thing.

8th November 2009

2:21am: Status et all
Have moved. Have (at the second) a job, which is likely to be either evaporating, or losing most of its hours, possibly this week. Between the moving and the job, I have to admit to having been negligent about any number of things, including a social life. Just figured I'd post, as it'd been so long.

19th July 2009

3:31am: R.I.P.
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24th May 2009

1:42am: I realise I haven't posted in a forever, and in some ways I regret that. Then again, my life is filled with grandma, and her health, as I take care of her full time, and likely many posts would be full of me complaining about stress, and other random things. At this point, Grandma is on Hospice, and the end is not likely more than a few months away. Anyway, on to other things, I certainly am happy to hear from anyone who wants to talk with me, and will try to get back with you if I miss a contact, as the time occurs.

6th December 2008

10:36pm: Still not dead.
Life's much the same. Going to Disneyland soon. Otherwise, I just haven't had a whole hell of a lot to spam people's f-lists with.

7th May 2008

3:20am: At the hospital with grandma again. Rather in a bad mood, because my cat chewed through my headphones. Anyways, that's about the most exciting my life's been lately.

15th March 2008

3:15pm: I know I never post these days. I need to get off my lazy and arrange for internet at home, but finding the time during business hours is rather difficult. Hope everyone's doing well, and again, if you want to see me, I'm almost always able to have people come by, and if you call me, I might well be able to make arrangements to go out.

11th November 2007

1:36pm: At the hospital with Grandma again for the past week. Should be here a *lot* through wednesday, almost all the time. It sucks, but life is what it is, so I put up with it as best I can.

28th September 2007

12:16am: Sorry about the lack of information, but my life's been swallowed by Grandma. Turns out it looks like I'll be doing full time in home care for her for the forseeable future. Anyways, if you want to see me, or talk to me, call and leave a message.

29th July 2007

9:10pm: Grandma's going into surgery in the morning, so anyone with good thoughts/prayers to spare, they'd be much appreciated.

25th July 2007

1:05pm: Been spending 12+hours a day since the last post at the hospital with grandma. Everything is making me crazy. Just trying to figure out how to move out and get a job in the midst of this. Anyone with a clue, let me know.

14th July 2007

7:48am: Last minute help.
All is well, things were managed in the appropriate time. Please disregard this post.

Anyone available to help move furniture this morning? Call me if you are, there's money in it, it just needs to happen before noon. Sorry about the no notice, but things kept getting screwy.

8th July 2007

7:48am: Of course, the books I've managed to read are hitting a nerve. Tapdancing on it, even. I suppose that's just how things are. I just need thoughts that are productive, now.

6th July 2007

10:59pm: I skipped a forever, in posting here. Suitable, I suppose. Trying, again, to get my life in proper order. Feeling like it isn't working, scared by the whole mess. Working out of town next weekend again, as well. Painted a bathroom, or at least helped paint one, earlier. I'm not sure if I want to be more isolated, or less.

Trying to get back into school this fall, and feeling deeply frustrated by the complications. Finally almost managing to read again, although I don't know that it will work, with things not in this series. Which is a shame. Because it's been nice, it's been familiar and pleasant, to be able to devour books again.

7th May 2007

1:14pm: Back. And my hair had to be dyed some vaguely normal colour, and came out looking appalling. Wanting luch, but I'm honestly not sure where, or if there is company I ought to take. Other than that, the phone still works, for people to reach me.

30th April 2007

12:12am: Going to be out of town again, for a few days, starting thursday, I think. Work for Dad, adn I'll need to mention my hair, I will. Because I didn't think about that it's blue might have an impact, on the job thing. Sad, that I might actually redo it, elsewise, just to keep from drowning again.

My apologies that I don't update more often. I've just gotten lazy about it lately. Reading every 2 or 3 days, and updating less than that. So if I comment late on something, it's probably still just from when I've first read it.

6th April 2007

8:30am: Going out of town for the weekend to visit family in Phoenix. Feel free to call, but I obviously won't be available for in town things. Also, I should be back as of Monday night, and will be having no internets until then. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

13th February 2007

10:39pm: I've moved, which always makes life interesting. Sorting through the odds and ends of my life, trying to remember how to become who I need to be. Or how to be that person again. It's chrysalis.

On another note, my work schedule says I work until about 11:30, friday night, for those who care. To see me, the phone works, as always.

19th October 2006

7:48pm: Saw Dad this morning, and got what I think will be enough money to take care of registration and all that tomorrow. Other than that, life moves on the same. It's *really* cold in the house, though, since we don't have the heat on yet.
Current Mood: cold

17th October 2006

4:17am: Have a new car now. Just need to sell the old one, and come up with enough money, somehow, to register the new one this week. If anyone knows someone who would be interested in buying and oldsmobile cutlass convertible, for parts, I'd love to hear it. The problem with it is either a blown head, or a blown head gasket. Not sure which, so I'm entertaining offers. On another positive note, get to see a friend who'll be back from Iraq this week on his mid-deployment leave. *Yay* Life moves on, and I move with it.

12th October 2006

4:55am: Meme
Stolen from various parties.

The first five people to respond to this post will get some form of art, craft, or widget, by me, that is in some fashion about them. I make no guarantees about quality or type, and it may take some time because I'm often a space cadet, but I will assure that I plan to give it good effort and that the art will be individual to you.

The only catch: as with most memes, if you sign up, you have to put this in your own journal as well. Give to receive and all that.

I may be willing to do more than 5, if the interest is there. Just know that if I have to mail whatever it is to you, it will take longer to manage it.

14th September 2006

3:18pm: suck to the suckitty suck.
Back from the trip. Bad news on the car front. Either a cracked head, or a blown head gasket. I have: nealy $300. I need: from 1 to 3 thousand dollars. I am not at all a happy camper. I also now need to find employment, sans car, so that I can fix the thing. Not the most helpful thing, not at all. Hope other people's lives are better than mine.

5th September 2006

10:57pm: PSA
Heading out of town to do some work for my dad for a few days. Doubt I'll have internet access until I get back. Phone or email will be the best ways to reach me.

31st August 2006

10:20pm: Random post, no context
More sex, less Drama.

26th August 2006

2:20am: Sorry about the major lack of posts lately. I've been so veryvery angsty, that I figured no one wanted/needed to hear about it. And now my car is broken in addition to the rest of that. But I would very much like to see people/hear from people. So if you're inclined, please comment or call me.
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